Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Study Blog Party

I joined this Book Study Blog Party with some amazing pre-k teachers whose blogs I read often. We are reading "Literacy Beginnings by Gay Su Pinnell and Irene C. Fountas, some well known literacy experts. I got my book this morning so I am reading like crazy trying to catch up with the bloggers who began on Monday, reading one chapter each day, that is between feeding my girls lunch and putting them down for naps, etc... I am loving the book so far and plan to post some of my thoughts as I get caught up. For more information, click on the button below and you can find everything you need to know!

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Going in a different direction...

I was going to use this for parents when I first created it and then I used my mobile me account to create a webpage with all their information. It is privacy protected so that I can post pictures and videos of things happening in my classroom. As I began this journey of participating in the book study blog party, I decided that I would like to use this site more to communicate with my colleagues and fellow pre-k teachers. So here it goes...wish me luck!