Friday, July 1, 2011

Literacy Beginnings Chapter 1

In chapter 1, I love the emphasis on learning through play. My own daughter went into kindergarten reading at a level 16 (end of first grade level) and it wasn't because I sat down and drilled her with flashcards or made her sound out words. After being a reading recovery teacher, those words "sound it out" actually make me cringe! I love books and I have read to Carli since she was a baby. She caught my love of reading and began imitating reading at a very young age. We had fun with language and letters and she just finished first grade reading at a fifth grade level and I am so proud of her. I hope that love of learning will continue the rest of her life and I try to do the same thing with my young fives students. In the book, they emphasize how activities need to be developmentally appropriate for our children. I think this is essential! Especially as things keep getting pushed down in our curriculum. What a great first chapter!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your daughter's story. I think she is an example of how a child can learn almost anything in a fun, developmentally appropriate way. She was not drilled or forced to do countless worksheets and yet look at her fantastic progress- very inspiring!
    Thanks for participating and I look forward to your next post!